Vitacare branches offer a variety of services. You will need to check with your nearest branch to find out whether they have a nursing clinic on the premises and whether they can offer you the particular help you need.

Feel free to speak to the pharmacist if you are unsure as they will guide you in the right procedure to follow. A basic consultation with the nursing sister costs approximately R20.00 and is the best choice you can make if you are concerned about a health or reproductive issue.

Our sisters offer professional and compassionate support for the whole family, promoting good health and illness prevention at competitive prices.

Making You Well Is Our Task, Keeping You Healthy Is Our Challenge.

Blood Pressure Tests
Haemoglobin Tests
Blood Glucose Tests
Urine Testing
Ear Syringing
Cholesterol Tests
Reproductive Health
Flu Vaccinations
Baby Clinic
Suture Removal
Pregnancy Tests
Minor Wound Dressing